Layla, a Michael Vick Dog

After an exhausting and surrealistic stop in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel, Janet Hilton, Wellington, and I took off yesterday to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where we met up with Bonnie Grafton and Kelly Moore Parsley. Our goal? Help out at Best Friends Parrot Garden. Jimmy, Wellington Janet and I had driven from Las Vegas, about a three hour drive.

 Bonnie and Kelly had already arrived so they had settled in nicely and were already well practiced on the morning chores. We got to the BobBon Hotel yesterday afternoon and semi-settled in due to the fact that we are moving into a house we rented this afternoon.

Wellington Williams, Bo Monetenegro and Jimmy all stayed in one room, and Janet, Kelly, Bonnie and I bunked in the other. 4 Women in one Hotel room. One bathroom. No fights. It worked. I took off to BF 20 minutes after hitting the hotel to check out the situation, while Janet got us settled in. We met up at about six and went to dinner at Wild Bill’s in the Glendale. I think we had about 14 people sitting around one table. It was really fun. I had so much to catch up on but we managed to have a wonderful dinner and a couple of beers. We made a short night of it because days at BF tend to be tiring. You’re working full speed and the altitude kicks your keester. I think we all crashed about 10 or so.

I woke up at five as did everyone else. Kelly and Janet ran and got coffee. I was going to go but I was still dressed in my Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital pajamas. If I had gone, we would have looked like some random scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So everyone thought it was prudent that I stay.  So I took a shower and Bonnie began packing. After coffee we had to wait for the breakfast buffet to be set up so we messed around catching up and Facebook and sorted our stuff out for what will be move number 4 for me.

We grabbed breakfast and finished packing and loading the car.

Kelly grabbing some mini-muffins

I had begun working early this morning to prep for some posts:

Unfortunately, the Parrot Garden lost a lttle 30 year-old Quaker a couple of days ago, so we will be attending Spock’s placement this morning. I had some requests to lace some Memory Stones for some Birds at Angels Nest. Amy Huq and Ann Cordova lost some birds a while back and wanted me to do this for them. So I had to prep the stones. I am also placing a stone for Mattie, my little dog I lost a year ago. She was one of the few dogs ever to have her photo in BIRD TALK Magazine so her stone is going into Angels Nest as well. It was a little rough working on her stone, but I think the stones came out nicely:

Bonnie got a little training time in with a parrotlet named Thai who had never really been handled before. Now this is parrot whispering. This took her about three minutes to accomplish. Not bad!

This is the first post I’ve had a chance to publish, but trust me, there will be much much more. Stay tuned.