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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


behavior training


This fantastic ad is for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague, Czech Republic I realize I keep nattering on about how I want to keep learning.  And I do. At least I try to. Every time I choose to read a... Continue Reading →

Moving Through the Pain

I wish I could write something different. I would love to write the fairy tale, where everything is wonderful and nothing is wrong and it all worked out in the end. But I can't. Mattie passed away very early Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Heroes and Villains

Sometimes it’s hard to tell in this business. I think some of the heroes are the people who train and educate about training. Susan Friedman is a hero. Barbara Heidenreich is a hero. Robin Shewokis is a hero for spreading... Continue Reading →

When Birds Mean Business

C'mon! Give a click! I do the Animal Rescue Site thing fairly regularly where you click to give and your click feeds hungry animals 1/6th of a bowl of food. And of course I did a little research and found... Continue Reading →

Discover the Oasis 2011

In writing, economy is an attribute that is sought after. It is something that works well and is appreciated. It's also very difficult to achieve. Now, If I had a brain in my head, I'd just post this photo above... Continue Reading →

Phone Calls

Photo from this Website: The Old Telephone Company It happens on occasion. I get a phone call from someone about their bird. They need help. They need to re-home their bird. They need to know about training. The latest call... Continue Reading →

A Little Goes a Long Way

Jason Crean's Mousebird When it comes to parrots, the phrase, “A little goes a long way.” has numerous applications. A little bit of everything good in their meal makes for a better and more balanced diet. I think a little... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Review

I thought it would take off. I thought it would be massive. I thought it would be the next Marley and Me.  I was positive that Irene Pepperberg’s book, Alex and Me would be a smash hit putting the book... Continue Reading →

Talking Them Out of It

Have you ever met a person who just isn’t cut out to be a bird person? You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all met them. They have no business having a parrot in their home. You know this in... Continue Reading →

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