Jason Crean’s Mousebird

When it comes to parrots, the phrase, “A little goes a long way.” has numerous applications.

A little bit of everything good in their meal makes for a better and more balanced diet.

I think a little bit of attention here and there, scattered throughout the day is more valuable to the parrot than no attention at all followed by a big one-on-one sit down with them.

Lisa Licare With Buddy and Skittles

A few little toys strategically placed in their cages is most likely more fun and more enriching than one big honkin’’ toy.

A few small treats throughout the afternoon goes further and means more to them than one big “Pigfest.”

A few short training sessions works better than one big long one.

Irena Schulz with Snowball

A few short, but thorough showers throughout the week keeps their feathers in better condition than one big drenching once a month.

I know there are others, but this might get you thinking about how “A little goes a long way.” can work for your birds. Got any ideas?