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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Parrot Nation: Greatest Hits of 2011 As Johnson & Johnson titled their Corporate report for 1982 in the wake of the Tylenol tampering, 2011 was for me, "An Eventful Year." January was a chilly month here in Florida and an active one for me as... Continue Reading →

And We Have A Winner…Sort Of!

It's been a wild ride around here this week, and if you've been watching on Facebook, seen some of the news or talk shows this week, you might be aware I've been a little busy. I'll get to that in... Continue Reading →

Animal Superheroes and a Contest (Sponsored by The Alex Foundation!)

New Entries and new illustrations to the Animal Superheroes post compelled me to post this again at the "Top O' The Heap!" Enjoy all of the newest contributions! KRYPTO! Krypto is found at this fabulous site!: There have been quite... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Review

I thought it would take off. I thought it would be massive. I thought it would be the next Marley and Me.  I was positive that Irene Pepperberg’s book, Alex and Me would be a smash hit putting the book... Continue Reading →

Dinner With Irene

Irene's Signature Bracelets The Golden Cockatoo in Deerfield Beach, Florida, sponsored a fundraising weekend for Dr. Irene Pepperberg this weekend.  Lisa Bono who owns the "Platinum Parrot" in New Jersey flew down for the event and to help out. Irene,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Hopes and Wishes

My friend Sandra's Niece with Parker I have many wishes, yet very few of them are for me. I like to think of wishes as hopes and dreams for the future. Many of these wishes I have are for my... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #5: Books About Birds

God knows I have a ton of them: Books on African Greys, on behavior training, diet, stories about parrots, handbooks. You name it, I've probably seen it, own it or I've read it. And the hits just keep on coming.... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #3: Funny Bird Videos

Bird People like seeing other people's birds doing stuff. Dancing, singing, talking, anything that involves birds, especially parrots doing the charming, the funny or the out-and-out amazing. Many of these videos have gone viral on Youtube, causing these birds to... Continue Reading →

Come Say “Hi” at the Midwest Bird Expo!

Click on this image to see the schedule of events and to order an access pass: I love going to shindigs like this. But sometimes my schedule simply prohibits it. Between the Blog, my column and feature writing at BIRD... Continue Reading →

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