Click on this image to see the schedule of events and to order an access pass:

I love going to shindigs like this. But sometimes my schedule simply prohibits it. Between the Blog, my column and feature writing at BIRD TALK and BIRDS USA Magazines, content work at the Bird Channel, my flying schedule, and the fact that I have three parrots and a dog, things get a little busy. But this is one I simply can’t miss. Organized in part by my friend Jason Crean, they have put together an event that looks like it’s going to be absolutely fabulous. I mean really, the line up of speakers is amazing, the vendor list is through the roof, and there is also a fundraising dinner for The Alex Foundation.

I’m from the area, so I contacted my friend Sandy from grade school and high school, and we’re having dinner on Friday. She lives in the area so what the hell! Why not add more fun to my fun? This event is big, and what’s more is looking to be an outstanding lineup of events. Mark Bittner is going to be speaking. Mark write the bestselling book, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I’m looking forward to meeting him. I enjoy meeting good writers, and although Mark and I have emailed, I haven’t had the chance to actually say “Hiya!”

Here’s the cover of his book:

Sy Mongomery will be there:

Sy wrote the book, Birdology, which I am reading right now and it is fabulous. She’s a wonderful writer and you’ll find yourself learning a lot about birds while you’re being thoroughly entertained by not only her subject matter, but her writing style. It’s simply marvelous! Here is Sy’s book:

I ‘m sure most everyone with a pulse remembers, Snowball the Cockatoo. Snowball danced his way into our hearts when he became a viral hit on YouTube, ended up on David Letterman and got signed to do a Taco Bell commercial. Snowball is making an appearance along with “Bird Lover’s Only Rescue” Director, Irena Schulz:

There are many other speakers and events, along with a TON of vendors. And of course I’ll be ramming around getting the skinny on ideas for the blog, the Magazines, and of course, meeting people. At the end of the day there is going to be a wonderful fundraising event for the “Alex Foundation.” There will be a dinner for Irene Pepperberg in support of her work with her African Greys. Here’s a photo of Irene working with her birds:

Here’s a photo of Irene and I hanging around talking at the Houston Parrot Festival. I think we were discussing the best way to navigate through airports or something:

So, I know I’m going to have a really good time seeing all of these people speak as well as talking with them. There will be lots more people there speaking and a ton of things to see and do. This is a huge event, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’d love to see you there and if you do come and see me wandering around, please stop and say “Hi.” I’d sure like to meet you! The event is this Saturday, Mau 22nd, in St. Charles Illinois. Details are at the link provided at the top of the post.