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Losing Liz

We've lost Liz Wilson. I found out when I landed last night on a flight from Antigua. From what I understand, Liz passed away Saturday afternoon of complications from emphysema. I am upset about it. I cut my teeth on... Continue Reading →


On occasion, I look around and realize that for the most part, my entire current existence revolves around my Greys. I schedule my flying around them. I have friends that are pretty much on call to look after them when... Continue Reading →

Minimum Crew

King O at Best Friends In view of the recent seizure of the birds at Wings Over the Rainbow, it got me pondering their dire situation, how-heart breaking and frustrating it must be to be in a position where you... Continue Reading →

Getting Cagey

I  think it's important for bird shops and rescues that have caged birds, that those cages be showplaces. They need to be set up the way the proprietor would like to see those birds cared for. They should be clean... Continue Reading →

Le Tub: Part Deux

Ewww! Seriously? Photo courtesy of Janet Hilton I'm not done. I wasn't so much bothered by my last diatribe as I was puzzled.  And I realized that I'm not finished discussing this issue. People have been so supportive and I... Continue Reading →

Juanita’s Apron Rage

Juanita's apron is not really her style as you might have learned. She's not quite the "Land-Sakes-Alive!" little old lady type of weasel. But Juanita has an explanation for her from-frou style of clothing protection when she is making Chop.... Continue Reading →

Juanita the Critic

Juanita seems to be in a good mood these days. A nice change. But I don't know whether I should be flattered or insulted...

New Video: “Chop from the Parrot Nation”

I created a video assembled from photos sent by friends and Parrot Nation Readers from all over the place. It was a small project and I did the editing in about two days, but it was a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation: Greatest Hits of 2011 As Johnson & Johnson titled their Corporate report for 1982 in the wake of the Tylenol tampering, 2011 was for me, "An Eventful Year." January was a chilly month here in Florida and an active one for me as... Continue Reading →

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