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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Houston Parrot Festival

A Confederacy of Parrot Aficionados

For the most part, The Houston Parrot Festival 2012 was a smaller, quieter and more subdued event than in past years. I think it's primarily for two reasons: 1.) The economy blows. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's getting better, but it... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation: Greatest Hits of 2011 As Johnson & Johnson titled their Corporate report for 1982 in the wake of the Tylenol tampering, 2011 was for me, "An Eventful Year." January was a chilly month here in Florida and an active one for me as... Continue Reading →

Flying Feathers And Gluey Digits

A decorative pillow I made for last year's live auction. I have feathers floating through the air of my home, my living room looks like the day after Black Friday at Filene's Basement and my neck has a cramp in... Continue Reading →

Festivus…For the Rest of Us

I’m always up for a good party. I’m always up for learning something new. And if you know me I’m always up for seeing friends. The Houston Parrot Festival pretty much provides all of these. If you haven’t hit the... Continue Reading →

I’m Going, I’m Not Going, I’m Going, I’m Not Going…

Good God. First, I decide I’m not going to the Houston Parrot Festival. I can’t take the time off of work. I need to save money for a new computer and the second generation iPad that everyone said is going... Continue Reading →

Wipe Up

I waited 20 years to make an impulse purchase. I got a parrot. I bring the little guy home. I almost passed out on the way home thinking that what I did was the biggest mistake of my life. But... Continue Reading →

Christmas Hopes and Wishes

My friend Sandra's Niece with Parker I have many wishes, yet very few of them are for me. I like to think of wishes as hopes and dreams for the future. Many of these wishes I have are for my... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Belong?

You might be aware of some of my travels in the animal world. The Houston Parrot Festival, The Cincinnati Zoo, the Midwest Bird Expo, Natural Encounters, the BEST Parrot Conference, The Avian Encounters Trilogy Video Premiere and most recently, Best... Continue Reading →

I Left My Heart in a Vat of Superglue

This is a feather pillow. What's different about this from your usual feather pillows is that this pillow has feathers on the outside. I made this pillow from donated molted feathers from my Bird Friends all over the country and... Continue Reading →

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