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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


African Grey

Avian Origami

Let's get a closer look at this: I'll explain the "Paper Snowdrift" photo above, but here is the background story on Byron, the artist who created this: Byron is my newest foster. It's a long story that spans a decade.... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Blog.

Nothing like a little competition. With myself. Yaaas, I am now a writer at Janet Bray's little blog at Birdbrain Gifts. It's called interestingly enough, "BirdBlog." "You need to write a blog!" Her tech guy said. "It'll be fun!" he... Continue Reading →

Knowing My Limits

Charlie on my knee... You've read a little bit about Charlie at Best Friends Animal Society. I'd read about Charlie before at the BF website and was completely smitten by this charming African Grey even before I met her. A... Continue Reading →


On occasion, I look around and realize that for the most part, my entire current existence revolves around my Greys. I schedule my flying around them. I have friends that are pretty much on call to look after them when... Continue Reading →

Veteran African Grey Advocate, Shari Mirojnick “Finishes the Sentence”

Not Your Average "Parrot Person" Photo... Shari Mirojnick has kindly allowed me to add her to the group of people I've interviewed in a rather unusual fashion I call, "Finish the Sentence." I give the subject the beginning of ten... Continue Reading →


Catching Flak Over a 14-inch Bird

The amount of crap I went through when that Cookie video went viral was enough to make anyone heave. It was just a rough time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I now understand why Britney Spears... Continue Reading →

Efficiency Expert

I'm all for efficiency. The trick isn’t knowing how to feed your parrots well. The trick is how to get the damned food into your birds. And I’m not talking about actually making the food. Look, most of us are running... Continue Reading →


Luxury Aracari  (Photo by Lynne Scott Watts) Most birds are a luxury companion animal. They’re usually expensive. (If you don’t get one for free or at little cost in an adoption situation.) They’re pretty expensive to keep. (If you don’t ... Continue Reading →

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