Nothing like a little competition. With myself. Yaaas, I am now a writer at Janet Bray’s little blog at Birdbrain Gifts. It’s called interestingly enough, “BirdBlog.”

“You need to write a blog!” Her tech guy said. “It’ll be fun!” he said. Well, Janet didn’t find it so fun. Now if Janet could paint the blog, that would be a different story. But a blog is not created from acrylic paints and brushes. It’s words. And Janet? While she is normally not at a loss for words, she does indeed prefer the artistic world of painting and other visual arts. That is her forte and her world. Me? Not so much. I’d love to have an artistic talent like she does, but alas, I paint with words.

toby-the-congo-african-grey-framed-tileSay Hello to Toby on a framed tile. Created By Janet. Want one? Click on Toby!

So yeah, ummm, no. I couldn’t do that in a million years. Her stuff is is simply exquisite. So we put our heads together. What can I do? Well, I can write. So she asked me if I could write in her blog over at the store now and again. Of course I agreed. I’m just a big old softy when it comes to getting an opportunity to write stuff.


See what I mean? The girl is seriously talented…Yeah, click on it…

However, I did think about it and realized that I am now competing with myself. It’s weird. It’s kind of like playing a game of chess with yourself. And my brain keeps saying “Self? I think you’re going to lose!” Okay,  but which one of me is going to lose?


And for you Budgie people, Take a peek at this!

Actually, I think it’s a Win-Win for everybody. She’s got great stuff. I’ve got some pretty whacked-out ideas. Might be an interesting journey. And the style of writing I’ll be doing for the Birdbrain Blog is a departure from just plain old me. So get a gander at her blog. You might find it a tad entertaining. I’ll be there with a glass of wine freshly poured from a boda bag and a brass compass to help you find your way. Just don’t get lost. On second thought, you might find some interesting things by getting lost. I know I have. I hope you enjoy “The BirdBlog.”