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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Jacqueline Johnson

A Blues Traveler Kind of Journey

Great Opportunities: Sometimes you get invited to the party... This blog has been kicking around for almost five years. Some of it is my thoughts and opinions. Some of it is essays, some is about the Chop Concept, and some... Continue Reading →

Negotiating the Emotional Trenches

Spock. You were loved... The after-effects of an emotional time tends to wear you out. Best Friends sometimes has that effect on the people who volunteer. While confronting the work that they do, you tend to examine yourself. Here are... Continue Reading →

Social Butterfly

Wendy's pooches... I've been remiss in getting my posts out because I've had numerous social obligations. Between working at the Parrot Garden during the day and a few social obligations in the evening, I've been hard-pressed to get posts out.... Continue Reading →

A Confederacy of Parrot Aficionados

For the most part, The Houston Parrot Festival 2012 was a smaller, quieter and more subdued event than in past years. I think it's primarily for two reasons: 1.) The economy blows. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's getting better, but it... Continue Reading →

An Urgent Situation

I recieved a phone call from Jacque Johnson at Best Friends on Sunday. I would like you to carefully consider sending just five or ten dollars to this fledgling rescue to help out these birds. It's a horrible situation and... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Parrot Garden Manager- It’s Jacqueline Johnson’s Turn

Jacque Johnson, Parrot Garden Manager at Best Friends I did a rather unusual interview with Bird Lovers Only Founder, Irena Schulz a few weeks ago. I sent her a series of phrases that were the beginning of a statement. All... Continue Reading →

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