Wendy’s pooches…

I’ve been remiss in getting my posts out because I’ve had numerous social obligations. Between working at the Parrot Garden during the day and a few social obligations in the evening, I’ve been hard-pressed to get posts out. I think the social season  is over here in Kanab so I’ll try and do better than I have. Who knew Kanab provided such a rich social season?

Wendy had a party for her son Vincent’s birthday on Saturday. Best barbecue I’d been to in ages!

Just getting warmed up…

Laura and Bill were there. They make me laugh! I call Laura the “Map Lady.”

(See this Post to find out why… Welcome Center)

Of course, Bonnie and Kelly were there with Jacque and Kevin. It made me feel good that all of these people I’ve known from different parts of my life and world had gotten together and met.

I was thrilled that Kelly, Jacque and Bonnie and Bonnie got a chance to not only meet, but to work together.

Last night there was a birthday party at Angels Landing at BF for CEO and Founder, Gregory Castle.

It was a catered affair and the food was organic, vegetarian and absolutely delicious. Apparently Oprah had the owners of the restaurant on her show. They have a farm where they grow all of their own produce. So the freshness and the taste of their food was astounding.

Fabulous homegrown fingerling potato chips with an amazing dip. I had about 15 of them.

There was live music, a campfire and lots of dogs ramming around. It was a lot of fun and I reconnected with so many people!

Wonderful warm campfire…

Angels Landing is a natural amphitheater. Music there is amazing!

Yesterday I got to BF and began cleaning again. I washed windows, baseboards, doors, floors and window sashes.

My Friends: Mr. Bucket and Ms. Broom

Bonnie and Kelly cleaned cages, socialized birds and did transfers of the birds from their inside cages to the outdoor aviaries for the day so they could be outdoors and grab some sun. Bonnie Worked with Jammer, a little Quaker as well as Thai, a little pale blue parrotlet.

And of course there was a lot of cleaning:

The Parrot Garden is kept really clean and with 100 or so birds, this is a challenge. And of course there are the birds to take care of.  This is raw footage of Sunshine who unfortunately, chews on her foot.

And today is another day. Hal the mouse Wrangler is here, so I have to go. But I’ll try and post again today. That is, if my social calendar isn’t jammed.