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September 27, 2012

Lucas, Michael Vick’s Champion Fighter

This is Lucas. Lucas was one of Michael Vick's fighting Pit bulls and was Vick's champion fighter. Apparently¬†somebody¬†made a lot of money on this dog. When Lucas arrived at Best Friends about five years ago with 21 other pit bulls,... Continue Reading →

King O Sings and Plays With Wendy

King O absolutely adores playing with people and interacting. He is absolutely charming and has the cutest little voice that sounds a bit like Elmo from Sesame Street. He simply loves Wendy, the Vet Tech here at the Parrot Garden.... Continue Reading →

Feeding Chop at Best Friends Animal Society

The Welcome Sign at Best Friends Was Hand Painted by Janet Bray The Best Friends Parrot Garden feeds Chop. The cockatiels get it everyday and the other birds get it three times a week. They have had great success with... Continue Reading →

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