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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


parrot training


On occasion, I look around and realize that for the most part, my entire current existence revolves around my Greys. I schedule my flying around them. I have friends that are pretty much on call to look after them when... Continue Reading →

Giving Them Credit

I'm all for hanging out with my birds. They're part of my life and an important part. They are my first consideration when I'm going anywhere doing anything. And if you are a responsible family member with birds, you do... Continue Reading →

I Can’t!

I don't know what's worse, having other people underestimate you or underestimating yourself. Both kind of blow. Sometimes you underestimate yourself, yet you find that you could indeed do whatever it was that you didn't think you could do. That's... Continue Reading →

“It’s All About the Birds!”

Photo courtesy of Janet Holt Hilton Here we go. “It’s All About the Birds!” Interesting subject. Have you ever heard anyone say that? I was having a talk with a friend of mine who is well-known and hip-deep in the business and... Continue Reading →

My “Grey Garden”

Parker I‘m of the belief that either you’re a “Grey” person or you’re not. Some “Grey” people like Greys and other species. And some, like me, really prefer just Greys. There is something about them that simply enchants me. I... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Review

I thought it would take off. I thought it would be massive. I thought it would be the next Marley and Me.  I was positive that Irene Pepperberg’s book, Alex and Me would be a smash hit putting the book... Continue Reading →

Come Say “Hi” at the Midwest Bird Expo!

Click on this image to see the schedule of events and to order an access pass: I love going to shindigs like this. But sometimes my schedule simply prohibits it. Between the Blog, my column and feature writing at BIRD... Continue Reading →

Shoveling Out

I live in Florida so I’m not referring to shoveling snow, nor am I the proud owner of a herd of cows that needs occasional upkeep. I have shoveled cow manure, but that’s another story. The precipitation we get is... Continue Reading →

Parker vs Paper Plate

Parker knows how to play! I'm a lucky parrot person. Parker knows how to play with cheap stuff: like paper plates. In this footage, I caught about the last two minutes of about FORTY minutes of Parker messing around with... Continue Reading →

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