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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



“Fall-Back Autumn Chop”

It's Autumn. Time for the root vegetables, squashes and pumpkins. The reason I call this version, "Fall Back Autumn Chop" is because we made it on Saturday, the 2nd of November, the day everyone turns the clocks back one hour.... Continue Reading →

Juanita Wants Them Dry!

Juanita has a thing or two to say about moisture in her Chop. She wants those vegatables dry, dammit, dry! Juanita insist that all vegetables be dry to the touch. Putting them out in the sun for a bit evaporates... Continue Reading →

Juanita Rejoices! Juanita’s Top Tips for Chop

Juanita is thrilled! A friend brought wheatgrass to her Chop Party. (Thanks to the Bloggess!)

Juanita the Weasel’s Top Tips for Chop: #2

Juanita's got a thing or two to say about beets in your Chop:

New Video: “Chop from the Parrot Nation”

I created a video assembled from photos sent by friends and Parrot Nation Readers from all over the place. It was a small project and I did the editing in about two days, but it was a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

Revolution? What Revolution? No, I'm not talking about the Occupy Movement, although Parker and Pepper did once "Occupy" the front porch to make themselves two more with the movement: The revolution I'm talking about is what's going on in the... Continue Reading →

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