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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Minimum Crew

King O at Best Friends In view of the recent seizure of the birds at Wings Over the Rainbow, it got me pondering their dire situation, how-heart breaking and frustrating it must be to be in a position where you... Continue Reading →

Email From Parker #9: Vacation Request

From: Parker To: Patricia Sund Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2012 7:44 AM Subject: email from Parker   Yo! Mama!     "The Plane! The Plane” -Parker         From: Patricia Sund To: Parker Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2012 7:44 AM Subject: Re: email from... Continue Reading →

The Bath Tub Controversy

Get your Clawfoot Tub here...  What is a bath tub? To make things simple let me just state that it is a container. It would contain its contents. In most homes, it is used to wash yourself. Most homes have... Continue Reading →

The One With the Rooster

A lot has been going on. I'm still in Charleston after one hell of a day making a load of Chop for Bird Lovers Only Rescue and the Parrot Posse. It took a day of shopping for the Chop ingredients... Continue Reading →

I Want Waders

First Class Lavatory of a 737...looks just like the coach lavatory. People sometimes wonder why I can casually wipe parrot poop off of the back of my T-shirt with a napkin and go on typing. "Ewww! How can you stand... Continue Reading →

Parrots as Companions: Get a (Different) Life!

Occasionally we all hear this ominous statement when someone sees your bird: “Oh how cute! I want one!” *Insert Theme From “Dragnet”* Now, I love it when people develop an interest in aviculture and decide to get into it. They... Continue Reading →


I sometimes end up with nothing to write about. Because if nothing really interesting happens or if my tired, woozy brain just decides to go on test pattern mode, then I am a little short on conversation. I suppose there's quite... Continue Reading →

A Working Vacation

Photo Courtesy of the Chart Group I'm on vacation finally and it feels good. Of course when you have time off, you begin thinking of all of the things you can finally get done. Things you didn't have time to... Continue Reading →

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