A lot has been going on. I’m still in Charleston after one hell of a day making a load of Chop for Bird Lovers Only Rescue and the Parrot Posse. It took a day of shopping for the Chop ingredients and cooking up the grains, rice and pasta. The day of the Chop party, I began washing and setting up work stations so we could do the chopping and assembly.

Irena Schulz arrived about 11 a.m. and we had a little lunch before proceeding. Emily Trimnal arrived soon after, as did Judith Archer of the Parrot Posse along with Carol Riebsamen Neuhaus in tow.

Judith also brought along a buddy that met me at the door: “Cocapollo,” her 4-and-a-half foot tall scrap metal rooster.  She named him Cocapollo because his tail is sculpted from an old rusty Coca-Cola sign. And “pollo” is “chicken” in Spanish.

If you didn’t know, giant metal chickens have become quite popular and even more so after famous blogger, “The Bloggess” blogged about getting one in lieu of new towels because her husband Victor told her “No more towels.”  So, instead of towels, the Bloggess and her friend bought a giant metal chicken and named it Beyonce’. You’d have to read the post to appreciate the beautifully casual writing and hilarious story line. Anyway, this particular post ended up causing a run on giant metal chickens and Beyonce’ now has his own Facebook Fan Page.

Enter Cocapollo at the Chop Party. Judith brought her damned metal chicken to the Chop Party and hauled back so much Chop with her, she couldn’t carry the Chop and Cocapollo so she left her rooster with Janet and me to foster until she could get back to this end of town and pick him up.

Well! Not one for leaving things well enough alone, I just had to show Coca a good time and began shooting shots of him around the house and garden and posting them on Facebook. This caused a ruckus of course because the shots began to get more and more outrageous, including one of the rooster relaxing in the jacuzzi:

Now normally, I’d say I’m not the type that would indulge in such tomfoolery. But then, I’d be lying. This entire storyline got more interesting as we went along which included Coca drinking too much beer and knocking up his girlfriend, “Pepsipollo.”  This turn of events of course begat a clutch of baby metal chicks which were left at Janet’s front door along with a note for Coca to find after he finished his nap. Apparently, Pepsi took off leaving the country and leaving the chicks for Coca to raise. Whoo-boy!

I don’t know what’s next for Coca and his brand new clutch of chicks, including a set of what was formerly a double-yolked egg that turned out to be twins. (Who said miracles never happen?) But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be interesting…