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Letters From Maisy

Letters From Maisy #14

Maisy had settled into a routine and just to mix it up a little, I gave her a bath. She needed one with all of our ramming around outside and I had the time, so I went ahead and gave... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #13

Occasionally, Beverly went out of town for the weekend and she would leave Maisy with me. At first, Maisy was a little confused because she hadn't really slept here overnight before. This resulted in Maisy not quite being able to... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #11

Maisy and Mattie really began getting along. Mattie would be out on the front porch leisurely wagging her tail and waiting for us when I went down to get Maisy. I would let Maisy go at the elevator and she... Continue Reading →

Letter From Maisy #10

Now this was a fresh day in hell for me. I woke up looking like I had a softball stuck under my chin. I had already had the mumps as a child so I knew it wasn't that. I don't... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #9

Maisy was around when I got the news that I had gotten the column in "BIRD TALK" Magazine. I think we danced. At the time BT didn't know if it was going to be monthly or every other month, but... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #8

I occasionally went down and got Maisy when I had a day off even though Beverly was coming home at a normal hour.  Maisy seemed to like going out for a bit and Mattie seemed to enjoy having her round... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #7

Maisy had very long hair, so when it rained, it was "wet dog smell" for days! So I was cautious about getting her too wet unless she was getting a bath. Wheww, Doggies! But it wasn't so much the wet... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #6

Maisy, Mattie and I were getting into the swing of things by now. When I got home from work, she pretty much expected to be picked up and was usually waiting in the living room for me. Maisy had already... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #5

Little by little, Maisy got more comfortable with staying with Mattie, the birds and me in the afternoons and early evenings. She actually started plopping down on the rug with Mattie. Mattie didn't seem to mind the company, although she... Continue Reading →

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