Maisy, Mattie and I were getting into the swing of things by now. When I got home from work, she pretty much expected to be picked up and was usually waiting in the living room for me. Maisy had already been through a bout of cancer and was a miracle dog, according to her Vet. He had her on a high fiber, low protein diet, and so the bones she got were pre-chewed by Mattie or clean of any meat or fat. Maisy was extremely food-motivated and would follow you anywhere for even a shred of carrot. It was around this point I became commited to leaving a letter every single time she stayed at my home. It seemed important that Maisy communicate in some way with Beverly about the day she’d had.

Beverly was working incredibly hard keeping a full-time job and then doing classes and clinical work at night. I knew she was very upset about having to leave Maisy with someone else in order to finish her Master’s Degree. Bevy and Maisy had an extraordinary relationship and I had such respect for the bond they had. This was not easy for either of them.  Maisy was totally focused on Beverly, and it was tough at first getting her relaxed enough to quit staring at the door. I felt leaving a reassuring note from Maisy was the least I could do to make Beverly feel a little better about what she had to do. So I wrote the letters every single time Maisy stayed with one exception: I ended up extremely ill over a three day period and had to combine two of Maisy visits into one letter. It wasn’t easy at times. But I found that the pressure of having to write something after each and every visit made me more creative and observant of Maisy’s behaviors. In this particular letter, I also found the clip art and threw that in there:


Dear Mom,

Well, I got to go out! Yeah! It went well. I peed, I pooped, I rooted around…you know, the usual. I’m really galloping to the door from the elevator now. Lady picked me up around 1:30 (?)  Went to the door from my room as is my way and I stayed with her the whole time going down. “Walk Pretty, Maisy! Walk Pretty!” And so I walk pretty…

Lady got into this whole conversation with somebody in Nevada about growing sprouts for something she was writing. How boring. I snoozed through that mess.  That was very UN-exciting.

Dr. Phil was on. He may be a Moron but it’s real good T.V. Such Drama!

I got my dinner. Well, that was 45 seconds. Next! (Oh yeah…found a bone…that kept me busy for 45 minutes.)

Mattie was ultra-polite. I don’t sniff her nether-regions any more so I guess she appreciates that and hasn’t yelled at me once today. We’re getting to be buddies. No hell from her today. What a relief…I think I get the picture.

I found that bone again and gave it a good going-over. It needed it! Cuddled right up to it under the parrots, (just in case some carrots might fly around from the bird dishes) and I owned that bone!

Mine! I really gave it hell! Mine! Mine! Mom? You would have been proud…

Went out a couple of more times, and I pooped again!  Yeah! Is this normal? I’m the most-poopin’est dog! Lady said that was okay, but she frowned a bit when some accidentally ended up in front of the elevator on the fifth floor. I’d already pooped once today, but well, you know how it goes with a high-fiber diet. But it was no problem. She just picked it up and we went on with our evening. Great Galloping to the door on the second time out! Wow! I beat everybody! And then I have to hang around the Lady’s door and wait for that Slow-Poke Mattie. She wasn’t the speed demon she was yesterday, but she still trotted, so I guess I’m still a good example.

All in all, it was a good day. I smiled a lot. Drank water, came when I was called, and got some pretty good butt-scratches. Lady says she is going to have to learn to type one-handed. It was a big “Smile” day. So that’s kind of it.  I kinda know how it’s supposed to go and it works.

So I’m happy with it, and it looks like next month will be the same. Lady said she got her schedule back and other than the fact that she has to get up even earlier for her work, she’ll still be back at the same time and she can take care of me. And so everything is fine for next month too! So Yeah! So, I guess I’ll be smiling, and pooping and peeing and galloping with Lady until the next bid comes out in March for the month of April…and then we’ll take it from there. But so far…it’s looking good. Lady wants to know if it’s okay if she takes me outside in the afternoon when she walks Mattie even if you’re coming home and she has a day off.  She says it might be good for me, and it’s no bother…she’ll put me back if you want. Don’t worry about any gifts…she has enough gifts. She just wants to do it if she has time because it’ll be better if I can pee during the day. She just thinks I’m nice! Yeah! Well. Bye.

See you when you get home. I hope you like the picture I drew for you…it’s me! Yeah!



By: Maisy