Parrot Nation

Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Chop for Birds

“Fall-Back Autumn Chop”

It's Autumn. Time for the root vegetables, squashes and pumpkins. The reason I call this version, "Fall Back Autumn Chop" is because we made it on Saturday, the 2nd of November, the day everyone turns the clocks back one hour.... Continue Reading →

Feeding Chop at Best Friends Animal Society

The Welcome Sign at Best Friends Was Hand Painted by Janet Bray The Best Friends Parrot Garden feeds Chop. The cockatiels get it everyday and the other birds get it three times a week. They have had great success with... Continue Reading →

Juanita Sees the Bright Side

Rage Against the Machine

  I am floored. I just don’t understand how people don’t understand. I am not going to say, “I have no words.” because I do. As you might have noticed, Parrot Nation is Land of the Cuisinart-Home of the Chop.... Continue Reading →

“It’s a Zip-Loc Life”

I don't know why this occurred to me, but it did. I was thinking about zip-loc bags and the integral part of they play in storing Chop. This innocent little sandwich bag has become a big part of my life.... Continue Reading →

Chop is Going Viral: Brandon’s Chop

Photo courtesy of Brandon I have received dozens if not at least a hundred emails from people who have tried making Chop for their birds. Some were kind enough to include photos. There's even a forum in the UK that... Continue Reading →

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