Photo courtesy of Brandon

I have received dozens if not at least a hundred emails from people who have tried making Chop for their birds. Some were kind enough to include photos. There’s even a forum in the UK that posted step-by-step photos of their Chop with a beautiful result and of course the money shot at the end of an African Grey perched on the side of the big bowl of Chop, contentedly chowing down.

One guy I’m really proud of is Brandon. Now I don’t know that much about Brandon, other than he has a Grey, he lives somewhere in Washington State, I think, and that he wants to learn everything about training and nutrition. The guy is a sponge. And with Brandon, as far as I’m concerned, when he wants to know the best source for learning how to train, I come running with the links. I give him the resources, and then he actually goes out and buys the books and DVDs! Then, he actually works with his bird!

Brandon wants me to help him tweak his “mini-chop” as he calls it. I dutifully answer, because I know this guy’s actually going to make his “mini-chop.” Not only does he make it, he sends me the photos and wants feedback. Now that’s what a call good parrot caregiving. Brandon not only wants to learn, he does the work. With Brandon’s permission, here are some of those photos:

Here is Brandon’s Quinoa ready to cook. I just love how he took the time to take the shots.

Here’s the beginning of his dry pile at the bottom of his Chop pot.

Cooking up some quinoa!

And on to adding his vegetables for the “Big Toss.”

Final result? Take a look see at his zip-locs. They’re beautiful!

I just love how his photos almost match the exact way I make chop. Brandon probably knows how to make Chop in his bones by now. I’m so happy when I see this kind of a result from a first-time “Chopper.” Yup, this was the first time he ever made it and look at his result. It’s absolutely beautiful. And that’s a lot of food for one African Grey. Most people start with a smaller batch like Brandon’s and then work their way up to a larger batch. That’s actually a good way to start because you get a feel of the proportions you feel you want to use in it.

I’m really proud of Brandon and his efforts to give his Grey a wonderful diet. Thanks go to Brandon, for letting me use his photos and write about his Chop.