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October 2011

Sharing a Laugh With Buddy the Penguin

Buddy is a very cool penguin I got to know when I was working at the Cincinnati Zoo as a Guest Keeper. Buddy has a great sense of humor:

Veteran African Grey Advocate, Shari Mirojnick “Finishes the Sentence”

Not Your Average "Parrot Person" Photo... Shari Mirojnick has kindly allowed me to add her to the group of people I've interviewed in a rather unusual fashion I call, "Finish the Sentence." I give the subject the beginning of ten... Continue Reading →


Why am I such a freak about diet? Well, let me explain something. You can take your bird to the Vet 90 times a year, but until you make sure their diet is healthy, no Vet is going to be... Continue Reading →

Parrots Join People Protestors!

Looks like Parker and Nyla want to join the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Of course they had to do it in their own way, but occasionally, even parrots must take a stand. Even if it is on a T-Stand:

Gourmet Taste? Not Always…

My Greek Salad To-Go If you've seen my Facebook wall, or hung around here for any length of time, you might have figured out that I love good food. Because of this predilection, I essentially was forced to learn to... Continue Reading →

Karaoke Parker

When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted to be was a cartoonist. This, along with wanting to be an  actress, dancer, broadway performer, television commercial director, lawyer and writer. (My father always said to me, "Kid,... Continue Reading →

How Far Have We Come?

A friend emailed me a while back and asked me for some book recommendations about parrots. He was asking me about a book that had been published in 1999 and did I think it was any good. Hmmm. Well, here’s... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs: He Made Us All Want to be Better People

Dear Mr. Jobs, I couldn’t help but notice you have left us. Trust me, nobody on the planet missed the news. I am bereft about your exit. I simply cannot express how important your work, your designs and your company... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Video: “The Truth About Parrots”

Best Friends Animal Society recently uploaded a video on Youtube featuring my friend Wendy, a caregiver at the BF Parrot Garden. It is a beautiful video and makes some clear-cut statements about their take on the state of  the parrot... Continue Reading →

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