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August 2011

“Tattoo You” With a Cockatoo?

Photo courtesy of Ginger Snap It's my first day of vacation and I spent it happily working on an article for BIRD TALK and rather unhappily, but vigorously washing the floor. I came up with this cool idea for writing... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Need a Larger Home

I don't often see things that I absolutely adore. This includes birds, sofas and potential dating material. However, when I got an email from Restoration Hardware containing photos of this little beauty, I fell in love. I'm sorry, but I can't... Continue Reading →

We Want Our Jobs Back

Photo found here: Top News You Can Use A bit of a crush? Well, yes. His work is poetic, his products world-shaking, and his style is direct. His taste is superb and his products? They changed the world. Steve Jobs... Continue Reading →

This Writer Needs to Write

See? I have the official "Writer's Shirt" and everything! Being a writer is not all skittles and beer. And not all of it involves sitting under an oak tree with a lovely Moleskine Journal and a fountain pen waxing poetic... Continue Reading →

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I haven't been posting at all in the last couple of weeks due to some mitigating circumstances.  Let's see: annual training in Dallas so I get to keep my job, a work schedule from hell, laptop computer issues,  just all... Continue Reading →

An Avian Auschwitz

Warning: Photos are graphic and disturbing. If you have a sensitive stomach, read this in the bathroom. And by the way, I selected the most tasteful photos sent to me. First, you're horrified. You can't believe what you're seeing. It's... Continue Reading →

An Urgent Situation

I recieved a phone call from Jacque Johnson at Best Friends on Sunday. I would like you to carefully consider sending just five or ten dollars to this fledgling rescue to help out these birds. It's a horrible situation and... Continue Reading →

Prostitutes to Parrots: Heidi’s New Gig

I got Heidi's photo Here. I watched the show Prostitutes to Parrots on Animal Planet last night. It seems that Heidi Fleiss has a new gig. After adopting 20 macaws, Heidi has to figure out how to efficiently care for... Continue Reading →

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