I got Heidi’s photo Here.

I watched the show Prostitutes to Parrots on Animal Planet last night. It seems that Heidi Fleiss has a new gig. After adopting 20 macaws, Heidi has to figure out how to efficiently care for them while trying to make enough money to support herself and her flock. Now this is a problem. All of her macaws are free-flighted and have the run of the house. From what I’ve been able to observe, the house isn’t sufficiently parrot-proofed to cope with the onslaught of such massive beaks.

There is a way to handle this. She has the space. And if she’d knock off the runs to Whole Foods for pre-made butternut squash soup, she’d be able to afford them. I like the show, but until she gets a staff together and trained to look after her flock, there’s going to be hell to pay. There’s tons of things she could do to make the situation easier for her and better for her flock. It doesn’t have to be hard. And she doesn’t have to be as anxious about the situation as she is. I’d simply love to see this work for her. Her heart’s in the right place and she appears to absolutely adore her flock. And if she changed some things, and improved the environment for them, it could work. The trick isn’t to be critical, but constructive.

Now here is the rub: Does Animal Planet want to see her succeed? Or does AP think the inherent drama of the situation makes for better T.V.? I don’t know, but I’m staying tuned.