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September 2011

What I Escaped

Red River Hog Baby at the Cincinnati Zoo Life has a funny way of meandering around and taking you places when you least expect it. Personally, I have no regrets regarding the path I chose. I chose to get a... Continue Reading →

Chop is Going Viral: Brandon’s Chop

Photo courtesy of Brandon I have received dozens if not at least a hundred emails from people who have tried making Chop for their birds. Some were kind enough to include photos. There's even a forum in the UK that... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger- Katrina Webster

We have a Guest Blogger today. Her name is Katrina Webster and she is one of the Bleaders, (blog readers) here at PN. She sent me a wonderful email telling me this charming story about a little run-in she had... Continue Reading →

And Another Thing: More on “The Summit”

Steve Malowski with the Keas You know, the more I think about this "Summit" jazz, the better I like it. I'm not looking at it as a particularly fun event because I have a feeling that people might be a... Continue Reading →

The Summit

I have an idea. I would love to call an Avian Summit. This would be where all of the experts in the industry would be called together to have a meeting. At a round table. And the people there would... Continue Reading →


Going to Pieces

Richard Horvitz, Proprietor of the Golden Cockatoo I just got back from The Golden Cockatoo, a bird supply store north of me in Deerfield Beach, FL. I needed to get some supplies and I thought while I was at it,... Continue Reading →

How to Change the Status Quo

Discarded Crappy Round Cage at the Oasis Sanctuary  STATUS QUO: the existing state of affairs <seeks to preserve the status quo>  I got an interesting email a while back from a distrubutor of cages in the UK. It's an online... Continue Reading →

A Working Vacation

Photo Courtesy of the Chart Group I'm on vacation finally and it feels good. Of course when you have time off, you begin thinking of all of the things you can finally get done. Things you didn't have time to... Continue Reading →

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