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Midwest Bird Expo 2013: A Success Story

Billy, Jason Crean's Aracari. I attended the 2013 Midwest Bird Expo this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be a speaker and did my presentation, "The Chop Revolution."  Su Gould, who is an absolute whiz with graphics, designed this... Continue Reading →


Graphic Artist Su Gould created this Snowball cartoon and I simply had to post it here. How often does one become associated with Snowball and Oprah in a cartoon due to a snarky, potty-mouth quote? Well, once as far as I... Continue Reading →

The No Fly Zone

I  read an article sent to me by Sher Buckner from the Humane Society Website by writer Charles Bergman. Who is Charles Bergman? I had no idea so I Googled him. According to Charles Bergman, Charles Bergman is: ....a writer,... Continue Reading →

Scandal Sheet

Su Gould strikes again! Su is the immensely talented editor of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's cartoon series on Facebook. Su is the overworked Chief of Staff to Snowball. Seems that hiring Buddy Palmetto took some of the load off, but... Continue Reading →


If you aren't familiar with the website, ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS, it is hysterical. Love it love it, love it. Su Gould turned me on to it and it is wonderful! As a way of acknowledging what they do,... Continue Reading →

Avian Studios Latest DVD: A Review

This is a review that's wayyy overdue, but I've been overwhelmed lately due to my high altitude career and other issues and projects that have been crowding my brain. So my apologies to Avian Studios and others for not having... Continue Reading →

The “Dawn” of a New Day

Picture from "Adweek" I have a dirty little secret. Well. It isn't dirty; rather it's a very clean secret. Now you all know that I'm the thrifty sort. I come from a long line of toothpaste tube squeezers, "Use the... Continue Reading →

Puzzler Foraging Blocks are well, Fantastic!

I received a package from Kris Porter a couple of weeks ago. Kris Porter is a whiz at creating foraging toys and  has a wonderful website called Parrot Enrichment. Kris is also very well known for her Parrot Enrichment Activity... Continue Reading →

Black Friday Blues

 I got dragged into a Wal Mart once and because I refuse to spend money there, I tried this hat on and took photos of pink stuff. I HATE pink stuff. I’m not a big shopper. I dislike it because... Continue Reading →

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