I got dragged into a Wal Mart once and because I refuse to spend money there, I tried this hat on and took photos of pink stuff. I HATE pink stuff.

I’m not a big shopper. I dislike it because I’m not a browser. I don’t like going to stores just to see what they have. My shopping is purposeful: If I need something, I get it. It’s simple really. Shopping to me isn’t a sport. With some people, if they aren’t shopping as though it was a scrum at a rugby match, they haven’t really shopped. Now I ask you; is this really necessary? What is the point?

Simply awful. I just hate them. Hideous quality, they wouldn’t last two weeks. Why bother?

I haven’t bought a pair of jeans in ages because for some reason, people give me clothes. They come from various sources but somebody is always handing me a pair of jeans or some T-shirts they got from somewhere. And like them, I pass things on to my friends if I have something that I don’t wear anymore or it goes into the annual Condo yard sale of off to Haiti. I’m also big on resale shops and the Salvation Army and Good Will. When I worked with the penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo, I refused to go out and buy brand new pants just to get penguin poop and fish slime all over them. So I went to the Salvation Army Store and got some great deals on brand new khakis with the tags still on them.

These will last about a week…

That is one of the reasons I detest Black Friday. Another reason is the fact that my days at work are spent crammed into an aluminum tube with hundreds of people a day. I’m hip-deep with people when I work. Why would I want to be around so many when I’m not?


So for me, Black Friday is a “No-Go Item.” I’ve done the research and it seems that the sale prices on the items available are going to stick around, so why bother getting up and out at midnight for something you can do at a leisurely pace next week when all of the frenzy dies down?

Oh, Good God…

I hate the commercialism, the frenzy and the crap that comes with such a commercialized event. I just don’t care enough to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t give a damn about and can’t afford with money I don’t have.

This is Florida, people. Tennis shoes with socks works just fine…

So today, in protest of Black Friday and the mayhem it brings over saving five bucks on a “My Little Pony,” I am going to occupy my living room. I don’t understand it. Don’t most of these people work? And if they don’t work, how can they afford this stuff they’re buying? I’m not being snarky, I simply don’t understand.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in one of these…

Where is all of this money coming from that people are spending on Black Friday? Because I certainly don’t have that kind of money. A couple of years ago, I wanted to make some extra money at Christmas, so I baked homemade dog treats. They were very popular among my Flight Attendant friends and the packaging was nauseatingly adorable. I actually did pretty well. I also made some batches of Holiday Walnuts that people asked me to cook up for them. Those went over pretty well too. It was a lot of work, but it was fun and sure as hell beat sitting on a lawn chair in front of a Best Buy for four days.

If I need extra money, I work. I don’t camp out in front of Wal Mart to “save” that very money.

I simply have no words…

But of course this flies in the face of the “Occupy Movement.” I don’t understand; you can camp out in front of Wal-Mart, but not on Wall Street. 

Oh, I get it. I think I see the logic. It’s okay to occupy the front of a Toys ‘R Us for a week before black Friday because you’re going to spend money on a “My Little Pony.” But if you park your butt somewhere else to make a statement about the fact that you have to park your butt in front of a Toys ‘R Us for a week in order afford the damned My Little Pony, you get maced.

Now this place looks like an interesting store. I wonder what kind of Black Friday deals they have here: