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December 2011

Looking Ahead to “Much More”

Janet's Portuguese Water Dogs Looking Ahead We're wrapping up what I referred to in an earlier post, "An Eventful Year." Yes it was. And not just for me, but for the Avian Community and the world. Not all of it... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation: Greatest Hits of 2011 As Johnson & Johnson titled their Corporate report for 1982 in the wake of the Tylenol tampering, 2011 was for me, "An Eventful Year." January was a chilly month here in Florida and an active one for me as... Continue Reading →

Christmas is For the Birds

How do you spend Christmas with your birds?  They don't really understand this tradition and don't get the stocking thing under the TV at all. (I live in Florida. If I want "Fireplace Smell" I use a ceramic ring for... Continue Reading →

An Interesting Conversation With a Complete Stranger

I was doing my usual day off shenanigans. You know; laundry, washing the floor, replacing the substrate papers in the Greys' cages, messing around with throwing out paperwork and trying to make sense of what was under the kitchen sink... Continue Reading →

All of the Other Reindeer are “Mean Girls”

Want to see more from Hagen? Click on Rudy's nose! I've been getting a workout every morning driving down I95 to Miami Airport, to fly hither, thither and yon. If you're unfamiliar with I95 south to Miami at morning rush... Continue Reading →

Making Money Not Having to Lift Things

You know, you’d think writing would be a pretty cushy job. Not unlike looking at having parrots from the “non-parrot” perspective, that is people who never had a parrot will look at having a parrot in your life and think... Continue Reading →

Can It Get Any Stickier?

As you can see, I've been a little busy. I do this every year, busily chasing feathers around my living room, gluing my fingers together and hoping to produce a few items for the Houston Parrot Festival. This scarf, made... Continue Reading →

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