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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Time…and Beans

You might remember the story I recalled about working part-time as a manure wrangler at a garden center in New York between flights to Europe. I did whatever was necessary including watering plants, working the cash register and sweeping. However,... Continue Reading →

Life, The Universe And Social Media In General

Facebook: The New Water Cooler? For the world of Aviculture, social media and the internet in general has been a Godsend. There is more good information out there than ever before. As I have said before, the "Top Down" slide... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Simply Need to Laugh

It's true. There are days when I am overwhelmed and underpowered and I never think I'll make it through. Then something strikes me as hilariously funny and I laugh until there are tears rolling down my face. The much needed,... Continue Reading →

Bully for Bully!

Bully Buffett is a buddy of mine at Facebook. His Mom is a writer and occasionally allows Bully to get on FB as he has his own account and chats up his group of friends that include Bart Henry and... Continue Reading →

Petition, Schmetition…

I was wondering about something and I have a question. On Facebook, they have all of these petitions you can sign to “get this parrot out of this horrible situation he was put in.” and “Save this” and “Care about that.”... Continue Reading →

The Bart Henry “FaceBeak” Profile

There's been some interesting stuff going on at FaceBook: Birds who have their own Face Book Pages. I've seen quite a few of them and I am FB Friends with many of them. However, there is one little character I'm... Continue Reading →

The Post Lady Sometimes Brings Gifts

Emma is my Postal Person who brings me the occasional letter, card, paycheck, BIRD TALK Magazine, and a plethora of junk mail. She also brings a pile of those local free papers. Because not everyone wants to read them, they... Continue Reading →

Facebook. An Incredible Phenomenon…

I'd heard of Facebook but didn't quite know what to think. I joined Facebook sometime in January from an invitation sent to me from a cyber friend. This cyber-friend actually has the same last name as me and had been... Continue Reading →

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