Bully Buffett is a buddy of mine at Facebook. His Mom is a writer and occasionally allows Bully to get on FB as he has his own account and chats up his group of friends that include Bart Henry and Charles Rossini, a siamese cat who lives in Nova Scotia. Bully lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bully is a little Conure with a mouth on him. But he’s a cool little guy with a whip fast wit and a way with words. I thought I’d give Bully a chance to answer  few questions here at Parrot Nation because, well, Bully is likely to take over the damned blog anyway if I don’t interview him. He’s kind of a nag.

After all, I did interview his best friends Bart Henry a while back. You can read Bart’s interview here: “The Bart Henry Facebeak Profile.” Bart and his friends have a tendency to get themselves into all kinds of adventures, but they seem to have a ton of fun. Bully likes all kinds of actives as you can see:

But apparently his favorite activities are surfing and eating:


Bully and his friends even enter contests here. This contest was the Superhero Contest and Bully and his friends won! Here is the announcement about their victory: And We have a Winner! Sort of…



I really am fascinated with Bully and his friends. They make Facebook more fun. I hope to meet Bully’s Mom and Dad some day. And of course, Bully. Now on to Bully’s Interview:

1.) So Bully Boy, How are you feeling these days? Been up to some hard partying?

Well, as you know facebeak is just teeming with parties and I do try to make the rounds- the international fude is such a delight, and of course one can always be assured of the very finest Caribbean rum whilst attending a pirate fete. There’s something to be said for swim-up bars too, especially when they put those plastic mermaid stir sticks in your drink, ya know?

2.) Have you had any adventures lately? Looking forward to skiing at Gstaad? Or do you have something else in mind?

My favorite adventures are sailing trips on ‘The Golden Wing’, with all the gang from the ‘Black Beak Saga’ books. But I also love our archeological digs with my buddies on facebeak- we have quite the exhilarating time with our faithful servant Jeeves and his unprecedented culinary skills around the campsite. There are rumors that we never leave camp but just sit around slurping cocktails and hashing out past adventures- but that’s just pish-posh.

3.) I remember you had a little issue at Bart’s house. Something about setting fire to his Barbie kitchen? Did you get all of that cleaned up?

Oh dear, the infamous ‘Barbie kitchen fire debacle’. Well, Bart does claim to this day that he can still smell smoldering, burnt feathers under his pits, but really- I mean Stanly and I truly didn’t mean to start a class 3 fire requiring halons and helicopters spraying soda. I think we took a bit of a wrong turn when we attempted to douse the flames with rum- and sadly, Stanly’s Barbie kitchen has been swept into a landfill somewhere, but- sigh, can we go on to the next question?

4.) How did you end up meeting your friends from all over the world? I couldn’t help but notice you have many friends, but they are from everywhere. I didn’t realize you got around as much as you do.

Well, I am a bit of an international ‘big thing’- ha ha- that’s the magic of facebeak- we get to meet other parrots from all over the globe and naturally, um- I’m kind of popular. I guess it’s my multi-colored feathers and my buff bod.

5.) Are you really as crazy as you seem to be? Or is this just your “globe-trotting bon vivant image?”

Crazy? Well, my mum had me tested- I’m not crazy… I prefer to think of myself as an eccentric genius.

6.) Does you Mom let you get on Facebook as much as you would like? Or does she have you on a schedule? And do you sneak and get on behind her back?

Oh my, but you have brought up a sore point. Yaas, Ma is my residing secretarial site-lackey, but she’s deficient in skills and dedication. I mean- really, she should be at my beak & call 24/7, but she offers up flimsy excuses such as sleep and a so called ‘life’.  *snotty snort*

7.) Bart Henry seems to be your bestest friend ever. But how does it feel to be close to a cat? You’re pretty good buddies with Charles aren’t you?

Barty and I are certainly involved in a bromance, I won’t deny that- but yeah, Cubby is just awesome and he was one of my very first besties on fb. I really have a connection with the Canadian friends and he won over my heart with his story of being kicked to the curb after accidentally nomming some dood’s pet chameleon.

8.) You and Bart seem to be pretty good business guys. You, Bart and a few others won one of the contests here at “PN” with your entry, “BARTMAN, BLOOMER BOY, IRON BURD & HELLO KITTY GURL, SAVE PARROTDOM!”
How did you manage to coordinate such a terrific entry all online?

The writing was easy cuz we’re all so close, ya know? And I believe that the essence of successful literature is to adhere strictly to true life. So like, Barty’s character was the one who was always getting into trouble and snacking on the job and I had to bail him out. And Crayon was kind of needy and I had to rescue him too. Stanly’s character just got all the kewl glittery clothes and tiaras and magic herbs because she’s a gurl… not that I’m jealous, but I look pretty damn good in a tiara and sequins too- juz sayin’.

9.) Just one last question? What’s with the “Bloomers?”

My bloomers? Would you like a tour? Come on, I’ll show you around. So, on the outside I’ve got my most brilliant feathers- green, yellow & orange- they’re like, totally fluffy. Next are my personal gray underdownies… but they’re, um, personal- so we won’t go there. Inside those are my Spanx (uh- you’re not like, gonna print this for all the world to see are you Patricia? It’s kinda private info, but they do help to hold my ‘party belly’ in tight.) Sooo, as we travel along you’ll see my pockets. The ones on the right hold my treasures: Droid, Twizzlers, almonds, snax, yoga mat, etc. And the ones on the left are refrigerated and I keep my perishable goodies there. No no- don’t look at the other ones- they’re classified and you don’t have clearance– sorry.

Well, [licking remnants of peanut butter from talons], I hope this will let your reader’s know a bit more about me. Say Patricia honey- are you free for dinner? I’m ferociously hungry and I saw a nice Italian place down the road… are you up for slurping some spaghetti end to end while the violins play?

Thank you Bully, for an enlightening interview and a charming afternoon! We’ll go for some Ceviche in Peru very soon.

Bully, Bart and other friends are featured in a book series for children and parrot-crazed adults. Click on the image to see this amazing series!