It’s been a wild ride around here this week, and if you’ve been watching on Facebook, seen some of the news or talk shows this week, you might be aware I’ve been a little busy. I’ll get to that in the next post here soon. But we finally have the results of the Animal Superheroes Contest!

Now here’s the deal. I was one of two judges in this contest. The other judge was Arlene Levin, the Lab Manager at Brandeis University for the Alex Foundation. She and I were absolutely squirming due to the vast array of fabulous and imaginative entries. It took forever for us to decide who won and how to handle this amazing response. But after lengthy debate, we have come up with our roster of winners.

First Prize:  We have a tie!  The two winning entries are:




All participants and contributors in both entries receive the following:

(Bag prize may not be identical to photo)

A personally inscribed and autographed “Alex Foundation” canvas bag containing an Alex Memorial pin and an Alex Keychain! Congratulations to all participants in the winning entries! Everyone who contributed to the winning entries will receive these prizes.

But The Alex Foundation isn’t done!

They were so blown away by the quality of the entries, They want to reward all entries with an autographed bag signed by Irene Pepperberg! (I just love mine…) It’s just the Foundation’s way of saying “Thank You” to all who entered the competition and to those of you who sent your five dollars in to the “Latte Factor Fundraiser.” The Alex Foundation relies almost entirely on private donations. The five dollars you might spend for a Caramel Macchiato, or a “Double-Dip, non-whip, skinny, Espresso Con Panna, hold-the-sprinkles” goes a long way at the lab. So if you are an entrant, you are a winner! I know, I know, it’s just the way we roll here. My thanks to all of you who entered and knocked yourselves out on your your entries. You truly are ALL winners!

So here’s what you do: Please email the Alex Foundation http: //  with your address and the name of your entry. We have all of the entrants names and will match the names up with what prize you will be receiving. The Alex Foundation will then mail out the prizes you won.

 You were all amazing and The Alex Foundation and I would like to express our thanks to you for your efforts and your “Heroic” entries!