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March 2011

Animal Superheroes and a Contest (Sponsored by The Alex Foundation!)

New Entries and new illustrations to the Animal Superheroes post compelled me to post this again at the "Top O' The Heap!" Enjoy all of the newest contributions! KRYPTO! Krypto is found at this fabulous site!: There have been quite... Continue Reading →

Writing My Tail Off

I’ve been writing a lot. Which is good, I suppose. From everything I’ve read, the more you write, the better you get. And it helps keeps me sharp, keeps me searching for the next big idea, the next adventure, the... Continue Reading →

A Sprung Spring

Living in Florida, I don't tend to notice spring as much as those of you living further north. What we notice down here is that it's getting even warmer. I noted to myself last night as I was loading my... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Jenni

Allow me to explain this. As you might know, I, along with half the population of the United States am rather active on Facebook. And I don't cheat at it either by posting Tweets from Twitter as my status. I... Continue Reading →


I’m still trying to figure out my schedule or the coming year. I know I have to go to Chicago in April for the Midwest Bird Expo. I’m giving a demo on how to make “Chop” with a little help.... Continue Reading →


Luxury Aracari  (Photo by Lynne Scott Watts) Most birds are a luxury companion animal. They’re usually expensive. (If you don’t get one for free or at little cost in an adoption situation.) They’re pretty expensive to keep. (If you don’t ... Continue Reading →

Phone Calls

Photo from this Website: The Old Telephone Company It happens on occasion. I get a phone call from someone about their bird. They need help. They need to re-home their bird. They need to know about training. The latest call... Continue Reading →

My “Grey Garden”

Parker I‘m of the belief that either you’re a “Grey” person or you’re not. Some “Grey” people like Greys and other species. And some, like me, really prefer just Greys. There is something about them that simply enchants me. I... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Parrot Garden Manager- It’s Jacqueline Johnson’s Turn

Jacque Johnson, Parrot Garden Manager at Best Friends I did a rather unusual interview with Bird Lovers Only Founder, Irena Schulz a few weeks ago. I sent her a series of phrases that were the beginning of a statement. All... Continue Reading →

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