Luxury Aracari  (Photo by Lynne Scott Watts)

Most birds are a luxury companion animal. They’re usually expensive. (If you don’t get one for free or at little cost in an adoption situation.) They’re pretty expensive to keep. (If you don’t  know how to make toys for them and make your own food for them.) And they take a lot of time. (If you don’t have some dandy shortcuts and quickie ways of doing things.) And they need a lot of attention. (They’re not exactly short in the “Demanding” Department.)

I know it sounds like I’ve been wailing away for the past few months, writing about what pains in the keesters they are. Well, I’m sorry, but they are. And I’ve discussed how expensive they are. Well, aren’t they? I’m not lying about any of this. But you don’t see too many of us devoted human types rehoming our feathered families, either. Now I realize many people do give them up. If they weren’t doing this, Phoenix Landing wouldn’t be in business. Nor would Foster Parrots, Bird Lover’s Only or a myriad of other rescue and adoption services. I happen to have two birds that were given up by two different families sitting in my condo as I type.

But I don’t consider the blog readers (or “Bleaders”) here to fall into that category for the most part. “PN” has mostly fairly savvy and devoted parrot families. While I’d like to get more of the novices, it’s kind of tough. And you’ve heard me rant about that too. I guess the one thing I like to do here is to face the realities of having parrots in your family. Once you know what you’re up against, you can work with it. But you have to recognize what that reality is. It’s not all sweetness and light. But it can be an absolute riot at the same time. Despite the mess, the noise and the constant bopping up and down to right some wrong, adjust something askew, or fetch a parrot that has wandered off, I simply love the little dudes.

I suppose the best way to keep a good attitude about your flock is to think of them as a luxury automobile. If I’d thought about it more, I probably should have named my Greys “Ferarri,” “Masarati” and “Alpha Romeo.” But at least my Greys aren’t always in the shop.

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