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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Blog

It's been a long road... Today marks the beginning of 6 years of fairly consistent blogging at "Parrot Nation." I completed five years of blogging here yesterday, registering at WordPress. They sent me a notice and a short thank you... Continue Reading →

Twisted Heart

It's happened again. Another seizure, another rescue in trouble. It's easy for all of us to point fingers and make judgements. It's wonderful to sit back with our two or three birds or whatever sized flock we can comfortably handle,... Continue Reading →

North by Northwest

I got a wonderful surprise when I arrived home from Caracas on Wednesday. Michael Ostrogorsky of the Northwest Parrots Fund sent me a "Bucket O' Feathers" as well as a tidy little bag of additional  unclipped wing feathers. Gorgeous! Some of... Continue Reading →

Finding Family

The inspiration for this piece is from the film, Finding Forrester.  I love this film because it’s about writing, and involves typing, talking and ideas. At the end of the film, the “J.D. Salingeresque”  character, writer William Forrester delivers the... Continue Reading →

Meeting “Best Friends”

Do you remember that for the last two years I worked at the Cincinnati Zoo as a "Guest Keeper?" Well, that was all well and good and I had a blast, (I also worked my keester off...) but I have... Continue Reading →

Tiffins: The New “Black” in Portable Food Containers

I just got my new tiffins and man they are lookers! Purchased from "The Happy Tiffin," these tiffins are beautiful, functional and fun to use.  The blue tiffin on the top is a two-tier tiffin (5.0"L x 5.0"W x 4.8"H)... Continue Reading →

200 Pounds of Fruit

Every other day, the Keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House cut up and mix 200 pounds of fruit which fits into a plastic container the size of a small trunk. I got the extreme pleasure of mixing it. When... Continue Reading →

Cookie Takes a Dip

Cookie and his companion are taking  dip in their pool on the loading dock of the bird house. Because of Cookie's bumble foot, he can't be in water constantly, but he does need baths, so this is how the bird... Continue Reading →

“This and That” at the Cincinnati Zoo

These are just a few random videos of different places at the zoo. Goats, Flowers, a Tortoise, and Patricia the Pesquet's Parrot.

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