I just got my new tiffins and man they are lookers! Purchased from “The Happy Tiffin,” these tiffins are beautiful, functional and fun to use.  The blue tiffin on the top is a two-tier tiffin (5.0″L x 5.0″W x 4.8″H) and is perfect for all the little fussy things I like to carry with me: things like cheese slices or chunks, cut up vegetables, artichoke hearts or a small side dish. The two tiffins on the bottom are called “lunch bowls” and they are leakproof. They have a silicon seal to keep them airtight and spill-proof. Because of the seal, you cannot use the top which contains the seal in an oven, but aluminum foil works just fine. I’ll be using those for my messier meals: soup, stew, pasta with sauce and one of my favorite breakfasts: “shakshuka” which is an Israeli dish made of stewed tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers and flavored with paprika, topped with raw egg which poaches in the hot tomato stew. Inexpensive and a slammin’ way to start the day!

I use these tiffins every day at work. They’re perfect for me because there’s no microwave on airplanes. I have to use the convection ovens onboard the aircraft so obviously Tupperware is out! Here is my lunch for today. I’m headed for Costa Rica and back:

You might very well ask, “What in God’s name does she have in there?” Well, good question. I have a ham sandwich, a cameo apple, (my favorite kind!) some radishes with butter and kosher salt, (It’s a French Bistro thing…spread the butter on the radish and dip in the salt. Really tasty!) I have some cut-up vegetables and some cottage cheese mixed with blue cheese salad dressing topped with fresh-ground pepper to dip the vegetables in. That ought to hold me all the way to San Jose!

I have an appearance to make on January 16th with Parker, Pepper and Mattie at the Petco in Naples Florida, and I’m bringing the tiffins with me. Organzied by Petco Manager Christina Giordano of “Angels of Flight,” it’s looking to be a top-flight event. She is presenting a Festival called “Tapestry of Nations.”

Originally a small, one store event, her last event for Petco, along with her networking ability, has gotten the attention of Petco Corporate people. And it should. Christina not only bagged me (again!) for the event, she got a great BIG Kahuna to join me in appearing at Petco’s, Tapestry of Nations. I’ll be speaking along with Steve Scheurich of the “Best Friends Animal Society” in Kenab Utah. (You know, “Dog Town” on the Nat Geo Channel.) We’re both doing it because we believe in what Christina is trying to accomplish. I think she is not only really talented at putting together events like this, she is wonderful with people and has gone out of her way to make sure that both Steve and I will be comfortable. Steve’s flying in from Utah and I’m driving across Alligator Alley with the dog and birds in tow, so it’s nice to know that Christina has thought of every little detail to make things easier on us; right down to ensuring there is a fridge in my hotel room for the dog and bird food. It’s a charity event for the “Petco Foundation“, so we are appearing as a favor to Christina.

It’ll be a weekend deal and with the dog and birds along, the tiffins are going to be doing double-time as food containers and water bowl for the birds and dog. I’ll just put their food in the tiffins and stick them in a cooler. The Happy Tiffin also has some really neat looking insulated bags so your tiffins journeys can be more comfy for them and for you. They’ll keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Using a tiffin and carrying your own food can be less expensive, healthier and now even more fun. So you see? The tiffins will also be making their debut at the Festival as pet food containers. Those little tiffins get around!