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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Patricia Sund

“Why Don’t You…”

Diana Vreeland was a legendary editor at Vogue Magazine for years. People thought she would never pass away and if she did, they'd just prop her up in the corner in the office somewhere and they would get divine inspiration from... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation Returns

  Parrot Nation has been on hiatus for a while for various reasons. At first it was personal. Read the last few posts, especially Life Interrupted  and you'll get an eyeful of what happened in my life the last couple of... Continue Reading →

My Disappearance

I had to step away from Parrot Nation for a while due to many other obligations with my writing. I was hired by Bird Channel to write a weekly blog called, "Psittacine Cuisine" which took quite a bit of doing... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Chronicles #2: Parrots in the House and Keeping it Clean…Good Luck

How many screwdrivers is enough? Keeping a house clean and clutter-free when you care for parrots presents some tricky challenges. You've got some real piggies that love to toss crap all over the place. The dust, dander and feathers they... Continue Reading →

The Cleaning Chronicles

Cleaning at Best Friends. I don't mind cleaning there. Years ago in the time of BP, (Before Parrots) I remember looking around my house and I could not for the life of me find one more thing to clean or straighten. It... Continue Reading →

Chopping the Exotic

I'm getting ready to do a pretty big batch of Chop this coming weekend. So I have to do a little shopping. I discovered a little store a couple of miles away from me called the World Market. One day... Continue Reading →


I haven't posted here in quite a while and I'll tell you why: I ended up with a concussion. I was in Madrid and bumped the back of my head. Well, "bumped" is rather an understatement. I actually whacked the... Continue Reading →

Wrestling With Words

I have more to say about the AFA Conference, but it's been a tough subject to tackle. I have three more posts to publish here. However, I want to be very clear about what I say and how I say... Continue Reading →


I've been a little jammed up with my schedule lately. I've been flying to St. Lucia and just returned last week from the AFA Conference in Raleigh Durham. I then had one day off and had to go to annual... Continue Reading →

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