Parrot Nation has been on hiatus for a while for various reasons. At first it was personal. Read the last few posts, especially Life Interrupted  and you’ll get an eyeful of what happened in my life the last couple of years.

I was then contacted by  a very large website to write for them. I was ecstatic. I was scared. Turns out I had the right to be scared. I had just jumped on a treadmill that was going to turn me into a content machine. The job turned out to be an enormous job that essentially ate up my life in large bites without so much as the occasional burp.

When I wasn’t flying, I was writing, uploading, looking for photos to use, promoting the work through social media or trying to come up with yet another original idea for an article. I was literally working 12 to 15 hour days. I was ragged.

I didn’t have an anxiety-free day the entire time I did the work for them. It was eating me alive. I’m sure other people could handle it, but the demands became too great and we parted ways. I wasn’t happy and they weren’t happy that I wasn’t happy. Next…

I took a few days off. Well, I had to. I ended up with a roaring case of gastroenteritis. Think headache, fever, dry heaves and dehydration. Follow this up with having to run to the bathroom so often you leave tracks in the tile. But I’m better now. It only lasted a few days, but it was a doozy.

After I recovered, returned the bucket to the closet and retired the herbal tea, I thought it might be time to breathe new life back into the blog. It had been a while. So I come back here. To my horror, I discover that WordPress has completely revamped the way you do business around here. Yikes, it’s different!

I’ll get used to it, learn the new format and figure it out. In the meantime, sit tight and there will be more on the horizon for readers here at my blog. In the meantime, I’m hoping my personal style of writing will return and I can shake off the “website style” I’ve had to use for so long.

I’m sorry for the lengthy absence, but there were some things out in the world that I had to learn. I learned them. I’m back.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. We’ll see where this goes.