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Jason Crean

The AFA Conference 2013

We do have fun! I'm headed out tomorrow on a ten a.m. flight for the AFA Conference and Expo in Raleigh Durham. Here's a link to their Event page at Facebook: AFA. They are changing things up a bit this... Continue Reading →

Midwest Bird Expo 2013: A Success Story

Billy, Jason Crean's Aracari. I attended the 2013 Midwest Bird Expo this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be a speaker and did my presentation, "The Chop Revolution."  Su Gould, who is an absolute whiz with graphics, designed this... Continue Reading →

Your Task for Next Weekend? Go to the TASC Expo!

Su Gould's nod to the Midwest Bird Expo! And here we go yet again! I love this event because it's not far from where I grew up. And I run into some really wonderful people. Irena Schulz, Su Gould, Paula... Continue Reading →


Paula and Moi Catching Up at the AFA Where would be without it? In the bird world it seems that something is always going on and people have a tendency to disagree more than they agree. Sides are taken, opinions are... Continue Reading →

Making History As We Go Along

I've written about "The Tribe" before, or as I tend to call it, "The Parrot Nation." Thomas Friedman wrote about it in his book, The World is Flat, essentially making the point that the world is evolving into a level playing... Continue Reading →

Midwest Bird Expo: A Smashing Success!

I attended the Midwest Bird Expo this past weekend at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles, Illinois this past weekend. Jason Crean and his Crew did an amazing job organizing the vendor floor, the speakers, the educational exhibits and... Continue Reading →

Midwest Bird Expo: This One is a Keeper!

I just got an Email from Jason Crean, who I met at the Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture in Denver... in November. (I love the sound of that...) Jason has this really great product he loves: it's tea for your... Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain: “Hi!”

Yup! That's a Black Palm Cockatoo I just returned from the Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture Parrot Expo last weekend and man I had fun. Organized by Lisa McManus, I discovered that Lisa is an old hand at organizing events... Continue Reading →

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