I just got an Email from Jason Crean, who I met at the Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture in Denver… in November. (I love the sound of that…)

Jason has this really great product he loves: it’s tea for your bird. (More on that in another post!)  Anyway, he has this very neat website: http://www.beaksbirdhouse.com/index2.html

Jason wanted me to let you all know about this event. It’s the Midwest Bird Expo! And all of the information is right here:



Apparently there’s going to be some very interesting people there. Mark Bittner who wrote the best-seller The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill will be speaking. (I haven’t heard him speak, but I can’t wait!)

And one of my favorite people will be there! Yup! Dr. Irene Pepperberg will be on hand to keep everyone updated on her latest progress with her African Grey research. Here is Irene wearing one of my scarves at a Phoenix Landing  Event:

I know you’ve seen her and her sidekick; but this is terrific! Snowball the dancing Cockatoo and Irena Schulz will be in attendance. Snowball is, of course the world famous dancing cockatoo who took the world by storm on “Youtube” a couple of years ago when he danced to “The Backstreet Boys.” Here is that video:

And many, many, more will be there: Sy Montgomery, George and Bernadette Richter from SOAR, and Mick McAuliffe from Australia. This is going to be one kick-butt event.  This is where it’s going to be. (I find this interesting because it’s only a few miles from where I grew up. I know exactly where this is!):

Kane County Exhibition Hall

525 South Randall Road

St. Charles, IL 60174-1533

Any Questions? Contact them here: TASCChicago@aol.com