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February 2010

Oh, The Places They’ll Go!

My birds are travelers. They enjoy going on"walkabouts" around our home. Occasionally, I have to do a" beak count" to make sure I have them accounted for. I'd do a roll call, but Parker is stubborn and keeps mum if... Continue Reading →

The Post Lady Sometimes Brings Gifts

Emma is my Postal Person who brings me the occasional letter, card, paycheck, BIRD TALK Magazine, and a plethora of junk mail. She also brings a pile of those local free papers. Because not everyone wants to read them, they... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do on a Rainy Day?

I’m a bit tired today. I flew to Columbia and back yesterday, and I’ve been writing a lot. It’s a gray, rainy day; perfect for staying in. It’s also a tad blustery, but nice and cool, so I have the... Continue Reading →

Shoveling Out

I live in Florida so I’m not referring to shoveling snow, nor am I the proud owner of a herd of cows that needs occasional upkeep. I have shoveled cow manure, but that’s another story. The precipitation we get is... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It Rains

Yesterday, I had a Flight to San Juan. I had to be at the airport at eight a.m. for a nine a.m. departure. Out to San Juan, sit for a couple of hours and come back. Land about five and... Continue Reading →

When Bad Things Get Worse…

"Parrot Nation" is a blog primarily about my life with my Parrots and all that's involved, but sometimes you simply need to take a break from the main subject at hand and wander down another trail. This is an actual... Continue Reading →

Avian Encounters II

My friend Christina Giordano dabbles in producing videos. When I say "dabble," I throw that word around lightly. Christina will spend upwards of 100 hours working on producing videos consisting of photos and video footage of her friends and their... Continue Reading →

The Quiz Geek Of “Bird”

I just got a new gig, and I’m not minding it at all. It is, after all, writing in some form, and I learn all sorts of new things. Bird Talk has a website called “Bird Channel.” It's a big... Continue Reading →

Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

I was going over some of my files and realized I never posted my video of Cookie the Little Penguin in the break room at the Cincinnati Zoo. I put it up at YouTube, but never posted it here. So... Continue Reading →

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