My friend Christina Giordano dabbles in producing videos. When I say “dabble,” I throw that word around lightly. Christina will spend upwards of 100 hours working on producing videos consisting of photos and video footage of her friends and their birds. She sets these images to music, renders the video and “Poof!” On they go to “Daily Motion” or “You Tube.” Christina is an extraordinary talent. Although she is an amateur, she has a gift of timing, editing and selection. She is REALLY good. This is an amazing video and if you have birds you will probably cry. Even if you don’t have birds but have a love of nature, animals and the wild, you will love this video. This is truly a beautiful work of art. And if you see a familiar face or two…Don’t be surprised. My birds are in it as well as 54 other families of birds and their human companions. Enjoy it; it’s fabulous!

Avian Encounters II
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