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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Blog

It's been a long road... Today marks the beginning of 6 years of fairly consistent blogging at "Parrot Nation." I completed five years of blogging here yesterday, registering at WordPress. They sent me a notice and a short thank you... Continue Reading →

The One Thing

From "Le Blog Du West" I was watching "City Slickers" the other night. Being a writer, I listened to the dialogue; the phrasing, the pacing and little nuggets of truth. Naturally, Jack Palance had the best role in the film... Continue Reading →


On occasion, I look around and realize that for the most part, my entire current existence revolves around my Greys. I schedule my flying around them. I have friends that are pretty much on call to look after them when... Continue Reading →

Email From Parker #5 Mittens Who?

  From: Parker  <> To: Patricia Sund <> Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 9:44 AM Subject: email from Parker Hey there! Almonds are my life! -Parker From: Patricia Sund <>   To: Parker <> Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 9:44 AM Subject: Re: email from Parker You rang?... Continue Reading →

New Video: “Chop from the Parrot Nation”

I created a video assembled from photos sent by friends and Parrot Nation Readers from all over the place. It was a small project and I did the editing in about two days, but it was a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

Outreach Education:

Here at Best Friends, sometimes it's not about what Best Friends can do. It's about what they can do for others. BF is very involved with educating other facilities in doing the best that they can to help animals. In... Continue Reading →

The Bart Henry “FaceBeak” Profile

There's been some interesting stuff going on at FaceBook: Birds who have their own Face Book Pages. I've seen quite a few of them and I am FB Friends with many of them. However, there is one little character I'm... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do on a Rainy Day?

I’m a bit tired today. I flew to Columbia and back yesterday, and I’ve been writing a lot. It’s a gray, rainy day; perfect for staying in. It’s also a tad blustery, but nice and cool, so I have the... Continue Reading →

Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

I was going over some of my files and realized I never posted my video of Cookie the Little Penguin in the break room at the Cincinnati Zoo. I put it up at YouTube, but never posted it here. So... Continue Reading →

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