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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


African Greys

The Crush

My first Grey Parker has developed yet another crush. I never wrote about this issue in the Column, Memo to Parker and Pepper because I didn't quite know how to approach it. Parker has a terrible habit of developing crushes... Continue Reading →

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Blog

It's been a long road... Today marks the beginning of 6 years of fairly consistent blogging at "Parrot Nation." I completed five years of blogging here yesterday, registering at WordPress. They sent me a notice and a short thank you... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Blog.

Nothing like a little competition. With myself. Yaaas, I am now a writer at Janet Bray's little blog at Birdbrain Gifts. It's called interestingly enough, "BirdBlog." "You need to write a blog!" Her tech guy said. "It'll be fun!" he... Continue Reading →

Parrots as Companions: Get a (Different) Life!

Occasionally we all hear this ominous statement when someone sees your bird: “Oh how cute! I want one!” *Insert Theme From “Dragnet”* Now, I love it when people develop an interest in aviculture and decide to get into it. They... Continue Reading →

I Hate Math

While I try to keep up with the forums and blogs about what the heartbeat of the avian world is up to, (meaning the average parrot owner just like me) I have a tough time keeping up with them all... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations

I hate to break it to you. But your birds expect a lot from you. Well, if they are anything like my three they do. They want to have fun all the time. They want my attention all the time.... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Jenni

Allow me to explain this. As you might know, I, along with half the population of the United States am rather active on Facebook. And I don't cheat at it either by posting Tweets from Twitter as my status. I... Continue Reading →

My “Grey Garden”

Parker I‘m of the belief that either you’re a “Grey” person or you’re not. Some “Grey” people like Greys and other species. And some, like me, really prefer just Greys. There is something about them that simply enchants me. I... Continue Reading →


How can you cram more time for your birds into a busy day? With three African Greys under my roof, I was forced to move completely out of my office and do my writing in the living room. On my... Continue Reading →

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