How can you cram more time for your birds into a busy day? With three African Greys under my roof, I was forced to move completely out of my office and do my writing in the living room. On my days off, they see me all damned day long. And if that wasn’t enough, (And with Parker, it usually isn’t) if I go into  the kitchen, one of them goes with me as long as I don’t have anything cooking on the stove. If I’m vacuuming, one is on my shoulder.  There’s all kinds of little ways to spend more time with your birds and this time adds up.
If I go into my bedroom to fold laundry, one of them goes with me. I have friends over all the time. Nobody sits anywhere unless they have a parrot on them. If you sit down in my house, you get the charming company of an African Grey while you’re there.
I call this “time theft.” You can call it anything you want, but that extra five or ten minutes of ambient attention means a lot to these little guys.
When I get home, Pepper makes a big deal about sitting on my shoulder. She just adores that half hour or so and it really means a lot to her.  Pepper is such a good little soul, I rarely have to move her or “shush” her, and you can tend to forget about her because she’s so good. But those minutes with me are gold to her. And if it’s that important to her, it’s important to me.

I’d love to know what ways you find to spend more time with your animal family. I always welcome suggestions!