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January 2011

Trust Yourself

I’m all for education and enlightenment. I love it when I learn something new. Love it when I try something and it works. The first time I heard Robin Shewokis speak on enrichment, it made me think about what I... Continue Reading →

My Blog, Their Blog

Mimi and Me My blog is a little loopier than most other bird blogs. I love to read other people’s blogs about parrots because I like to see what they’ve found to write about. Most are solid and well written... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Review

I thought it would take off. I thought it would be massive. I thought it would be the next Marley and Me.  I was positive that Irene Pepperberg’s book, Alex and Me would be a smash hit putting the book... Continue Reading →

A Schmear

People occasionally ask me how they can get their parrots to eat something that’s  good for them when their parrots look at them as though they were serving them strychnine. I always tell them the same thing. The answer lies... Continue Reading →

Dinner With Irene

Irene's Signature Bracelets The Golden Cockatoo in Deerfield Beach, Florida, sponsored a fundraising weekend for Dr. Irene Pepperberg this weekend.  Lisa Bono who owns the "Platinum Parrot" in New Jersey flew down for the event and to help out. Irene,... Continue Reading →

Making Connections

Making Connections.

A Field Guide and My Issues With Cell Phones

I was in Dallas on my way home from Kanab, Utah. I was changing planes to get back to Fort Lauderdale. I felt like hammered dog crap, I was tired, dehydrated and my laptop died on the flight from Salt... Continue Reading →


Why am I such a freak about a good diet for birds? Well, let me explain something. You can take your bird to the Vet 90 times a year, but until you make sure their diet is healthy, no Vet... Continue Reading →

Preparing Yourself For Getting a Bird

Preparing Yourself For Getting a Bird (Inspired by Amy Lawrence) Thinking about getting your first bird? This thirteen-step guide will emotionally and physically prepare you for what it’s like to live with one. If you follow this, you will have... Continue Reading →

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