Mimi and Me

My blog is a little loopier than most other bird blogs. I love to read other people’s blogs about parrots because I like to see what they’ve found to write about. Most are solid and well written and almost always contain some cool information and dispense some good methods of care, nutrition or general advice.

I must confess, after writing structured stuff like the quizzes for BIRD CHANNEL, the features and articles for BIRD TALK and Birds U.S.A. it’s kind of a nice break to write about stuff that I wonder about or just feel like posting. I’m a big believer in education, but the one thing I write that most people seem to really like is the “Memos.” I wouldn’t exactly call them “educational” even though I try and stick a little lesson in there somewhere. Trust me, I really enjoy writing them. They’re fun to compose and people seem to get a bang out of them. It’s certainly a departure from the rest of the magazine.

On the other hand, this blog tends to be more personal in nature. If you’ve been reading it for a while, and seen a few of the videos, you know what I look like with no makeup on, what I’ve got in my kitchen, and what’s hanging on my dining room walls. And that’s okay. In order to accomplish what I need to accomplish, I had to allow that to happen. It’s kind of like being in a reality show that plays out in a blog rather than on T.V.  (And don’t call me Snookie.) With that kind of knowledge about my life, I’m assuming you’ve gotten to know that side of me fairly well.

However, please bear in mind, that most of my readers don’t keep blogs like this and so I’m asking you for a favor. Between the 1200 plus friends on Facebook, the frequency of comments here, and the people I meet at Festivals and Expos things tend to get a little nutty. I also have about 2000 Flight Attendants I fly with so it’s a lot of people to keep track of. So if we meet and I don’t immediately snap to whether you’re a Flight Attendant, a blog reader, or one of my FB friends, could you please tell me who you are so I don’t think I have gotten lost in the deepest reaches of Alzheimer’s?

I don’t get out much other than doing errands and flying, so there is probably little chance of me confusing you with somebody down at the grocery store or one of my neighbors. But Cyberspace is a little big.