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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Bird Channel

My Disappearance

I had to step away from Parrot Nation for a while due to many other obligations with my writing. I was hired by Bird Channel to write a weekly blog called, "Psittacine Cuisine" which took quite a bit of doing... Continue Reading →

Occasionally, Things Pay Off…

I just got a heads up from my editor at Bird Channel. (BC) They posted a story about our Chopalooza event to support Florida Parrot Rescue. Simply click on the heading. It's a link to the article: Parrot Nation’s Chopalooza!... Continue Reading →

My Blog, Their Blog

Mimi and Me My blog is a little loopier than most other bird blogs. I love to read other people’s blogs about parrots because I like to see what they’ve found to write about. Most are solid and well written... Continue Reading →

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