I just got a heads up from my editor at Bird Channel. (BC)

They posted a story about our Chopalooza event to support Florida Parrot Rescue. Simply click on the heading. It’s a link to the article:

Parrot Nation’s Chopalooza! Event Raises $10,000 For Florida Parrot Rescue


I couldn’t be happier! If you support parrot adoption and rescue and want to make a difference by making your opinion and voice heard, please lend your support by clicking on the link and making a comment at the BC. It’s that easy!

It’s the good stories like these, the fun ones, the ones that make a difference that inspire others to make a difference as well. The people that came together and worked their keesters off for this event made a huge difference to the birds at Florida Parrot Rescue. About ten thousand dollars worth!

FPR vets so many birds coming in and truly need the money raised to take care of these needs; an important part of bringing a bird in for adoption. This was really the most fun I’ve ever had at an event. And I’m probably not the only one who thinks that way. Way to go everyone! And thanks so much for the support you showed Florida Parrot Rescue at the first Chopalooza! Now please click and comment at BC! Thanks so much!