Parrot Nation

Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

We Are Third

Lita I love volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society.  It is an amazing place with incredible people. I worked hard while I was there. I washed windows, cleaned baseboards, scrubbed floors and bathrooms. I left it cleaner and better than... Continue Reading →

A Blues Traveler Kind of Journey

Great Opportunities: Sometimes you get invited to the party... This blog has been kicking around for almost five years. Some of it is my thoughts and opinions. Some of it is essays, some is about the Chop Concept, and some... Continue Reading →

Return To Kanab and Best Friends

In the time I was at Best Friends in Kanab, I did a lot of cleaning. But I was outshone by a long shot by the Dream Team; Bonnie Grafton and Kelly Parsley Moore. These two came to Kanab and meant business.... Continue Reading →

Bonnie Grafton: Thoughts on Kanab…and Best Friends

Bonnie Grafton and Kelly Moore Parsley are old hands at running an aviary and working with birds. They like macaws and what is more, macaws like them. Bonnie owns Bonnie's Birds in Port Charlotte, Florida with her business partner, Rebecca... Continue Reading →


I feel like this dog looks... I feel odd. Naturally I'm tired after working at Best Friends, but it's more than that. It's a disjointed feeling. A feeling of being out of place. Going anywhere for a period of time... Continue Reading →

When King O Knocks…

I saw King O do a certain behavior and just fell in love with it. I got him to repeat the behavior and managed to get it on video. I think you're going to like it!

Lots of Cockatoos

Wendy With Keno, a Goffins Cockatoo (Photo by Janet Holt Hilton) Best Friends Parrot Garden has a lot of Cockatoos. And they are amazing characters. Of course you're probably familiar with King O, but they have many others with loads... Continue Reading →

King O! The Entertainer

Photo by Janet Holt Hilton King O's original name was Ophelia. But because he's the King around here, everyone refers to him as King O. O has been here for about three years. And he is adoptable and available. However,... Continue Reading →

Dusty and Smudgy

If there is one thing I always try to do at best Friends, it's the jobs nobody else wants to do. One of them is cleaning. I learned that the way to endear yourself to the Staff is to clean.... Continue Reading →

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