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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Bird Lovers Only Parrot Rescue

The One With the Rooster

A lot has been going on. I'm still in Charleston after one hell of a day making a load of Chop for Bird Lovers Only Rescue and the Parrot Posse. It took a day of shopping for the Chop ingredients... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Chop in Charleston

Not my carry-ons... I have next week off. Not that I didn't pay for it with a mind-bending schedule of flying one hell of a lot in order to align these days off. It was just a lot of trip-trading... Continue Reading →

Juanita the Weasel #4

My friend Su Gould worked with Irena Schulz and her parrot adoption organization, Bird Lovers Only in Indiana until Irena and her husband relocated to South Carolina. Despite the move, Su continues to design the most wonderful cartoons for Irena... Continue Reading →

Win; Place; Show

Last April at the Midwest Bird Expo in the Chicago area, I was asked to give a presentation on "Chop." I got some friends together to help me. "The Chopettes," as they called themselves, made an enormous batch of Chop... Continue Reading →

An Unpaid Endorsement

Well, this just made my week! My friend, Su Gould who works with Irena Schulz at Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Dyer, Indiana created this for my blog. Su is incredibly talented and is expanding her repertoire¬†at a rapid clip!... Continue Reading →

Snowball’s “Mom” Finishes the Sentence-An Interview With Irena Schulz

Irena Schulz I wanted to write up an article about Irena Schulz of "Bird Lovers Only" Bird Rescue and home of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo. But I know she has to do interviews and answer a myriad of questions about... Continue Reading →

Phone Books

I have risen to a challenge. My friend Irena Schulz, Founder of "Bird Lovers Only Rescue" and Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's Caregiver made a comment a while back about how she thought that I could write about phone books and... Continue Reading →

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