Not my carry-ons…

I have next week off. Not that I didn’t pay for it with a mind-bending schedule of flying one hell of a lot in order to align these days off. It was just a lot of trip-trading with friends and shuffling days off around in order to accomodate the need to work with the desire to get a string of days off. It was a hard month, but I did get to meet this man. He’s a hundred years old:

A hundred years-old!

Due to this, I was flying 4 days on, one day off, 4 days on, one day off, one on, one off, etc. in order to string some days together so I could work on a project.

The project? I am flying to South Carolina to make a whomping big batch of Chop for some friends and colleagues. I doubt I’ll be able to fill this tub, but I’m going to make as big a batch as is feasible. And just to give you some perspective, 2 people could fit in here.

Whompin’ Big Tub…

It’s a Chop Party of a sort. Irena Schulz of Bird Lovers Only Parrot Rescue and Judith Archer of The Parrot Posse a loosely organized, yet dedicated and effective group that donates to rescues and emergency situations are joining me to make the single largest batch of Chop I’ve ever made.

Irena and I are the two in the photo without a position at Harvard…

Janet Hilton is hosting the event and with any luck at all, both Irena and Judith will leave with pounds and pounds of Chop for their feathered charges. I believe Judith cares for 22 macaws, mostly all special needs rescues.

Judith is the one sans bunny ears…

I’ve sent the shopping list to Janet and she is busily scurrying around gathering all of the items needed for this batch of Chop. We’ll do some preliminary shopping on Sunday after I arrive for the items that need cooking and do the cooking on Monday. Monday afternoon we’ll shop for the fresh items. I’m hoping to go all organic on this batch. And on Tuesday, the Chop-Making Festivities begin.

Janet and Judith

With any luck, I will be returning home with some great video footage and a story to tell. I’m quite happy to be doing this for them. They are all wonderful and generous individuals and I am quite happy to lend my expertise to aid both worthwhile causes. I just hope they bring enough coolers.